Paradox-The Known Unknown II (Tape)

by Blink

Since the last Paradox tape, The known unknown’s release in 2014, Hip hop fans have been anticipating the sequel to the tape and now after 3 long years, it’s finally here. As far as Namibian Hip hop goes the duo has repeatedly proven their relevance and impact on the culture, having collected accolades from the SANLAM NBC Music Awards in 2009, the Newcomer Delight Award from Hype Magazine in 2012 and the Nama Awards several times over. Let’s dabble into the listening experience and chop up a few of the tracks that give an overall feel of the project.


On its surface, the record consists of 9 tracks and two bonus tracks making a total of 11 tracks. A soulful entrance meets you on the intro titled “inner blue” immediately setting the tone of the project into a mellow drift which takes you through the second track titled “Skyline”, this is the part you start to appreciate the direction of the project.

Avoiding the typical hype music approach filled with 808 beats and ad libs that most Hip hop acts take, the project is lyrically driven, mature and articulate, a sound that Paradox has owned and mastered over the years. Going into the third track ‘Jive zaak “, the tempo picks up slightly, a tune you can easily squeeze on your Sunday cook-out playlist or just vibe to on a trip down memory lane. The duo talk about the day to day struggles of an artist, an aspiring artist it may seem, perhaps a reminder of the hardship of the industry when they were up and coming.

Half way through the tape, tracks like ‘Spiral’ which feature Bermuda artist Ray as well as Jeff AD gives you an introspection of the duo as separate personalities. A noticeable and perhaps a key feature comes 10 tracks down featuring Skypt, who didn’t hold back on the bars and came heavy on “Nuwave (New wave)” which comes in second last on the tape.The song is a lyrical gold mine and a possible fan favourite as far as supreme bars go. Another track to look out for is the feature from Tweezy on track 6, a South African artist making waves among his industry peers; this is not the first time Paradox has worked with Tweezy who made the credits for Producing on their last album Catch 22. Riky Rick another SA Hip Hop artist who is also a wave god in the game reached out on the same project back in 2015.

As the adrenalin builds from the second last track to the final song, you realize how underappreciated good local hip hop is, quality and consistence wins the game and Paradox came out guns blazing. The outro ‘I got you’ featuring the talented C star is a smooth poetic jam, a perfect example of how melody and beautiful vocals can speak beyond time.

The Known Unknown is a lyrical rollercoaster, a soulful master piece which deserves a seat on your dash board when you are in your car or when you just want to listen to feel good music with fire lyrical content.

The album is out now!!

Get that bill, let’s build the culture!!

stream album here :The Known Unknown II