Noted Weekly Playlist 2018 Vol.5

Presented by Playshis The Poet

Noted weekly playlist (12)

This week’s playlist is curated by renowned Poet and lyricist Playshis The Poet who selected a nostalgic collection of some of the dopest jams from the best in the game.on the line up, we have Kanibal, GREG ,Ali That dude,Mark Mushiva & Loudima’s entire recent Ep cause its that nice, making this week’s playlist a top 10.

we caught up with Playshis and asked his opinion on where Namibian Hip Hop is at right now. This is what he said;

“Well, I think Nam Hip Hop right now is in a good space.There is a lot of diversity and it’s good to see that artists ain’t placing themselves in boxes but are being true to themselves. I think that as long as artists strive for creativity and quality then we are heading in the right direction. Keep the focus on the music and on creating the best that you can. It would also be nice to see a little more unity in the Nam Hip Hop community and less bad mouthing of others. If you see somebody going up – that’s supposed to be a good thing. But if you are waiting for somebody to slip up then you probably don’t have the best interests of the game at heart. But for now, I have a positive look out on the game as long as all the artists remain true to why they do what they do.”

Listen to Playshis’s Top 10 below



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