By: KayCee Tha Big Hommie

“XCIV” a collective of artists with the same artistic outlook brought forth PhredGot1 in 2017. The Windhoek based Rundu born rapper spurt onto the Namibian Hip Hop scene with the release of his freshman tape ‘THE WARM WELCOME’ early 2017, which featured the song ‘New guy 10/10’ a radio smash hit that would propel his career and make him a notable name among his peers. With his unique style of rapping, melodic nature of his delivery and his extraction of syllables reminiscent of no one else in the game right now, Phred is crafting his music with original elements gaining listeners at a magnetic pull with each project he uncovers.This is a musical expedition of his previous work to his recent narrative as we review this rapper’s contribution to Namibian Hip Hop.


In the 4th quarter of 2017 Phredgot1 dropped his follow up Project, his sophomore Tape “God.Family.Music” on the 16th of December digitally exclusive to This review digests this particular project running through the track list with objective commentary.


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Right off the jump you know you are in the presence of an MC on the 1:46 sec intro called ‘Perspective’ where Phred marks his relevance in Hip Hop, cautioning all rappers to take note. With lyrics like “I am the new Shikololo, the new Run Nam, but I am solo, don’t you ever ever ever get it twisted”.Paying homage to those who paved the way on these here streets endearing Phred to older hip hop heads that remember the time when Shikololo and Run NAMS were a musical staple in a fledgling music industry where Hip Hop was even more positioned than it is now. Perspective is produced by Motion and Mamba’s Mansion. Motion is  PhredGot1’s younger brother, a producer who is fast becoming one to watch out for as attested by the work done on this tape.

Track 2 is laid back jazz influenced record with very dope production titled Beginning. The saxophone comes in to compliment the song but not so much as to overpower the rest of the elements, PhredGot1’s voice adds its own element to the tracks which makes it sound very cohesive, if anything the pen could have been stronger which would have catapulted this record to one of the biggest records of the year but seeing as Phred is still a work in progress, I have no doubt he will hone his writing skills with each project. Motion also came through with the beat on this one.
Price featuring Bobby Magogoz is the 3rd track on the tape. Produced by Mamba’s Mansion and PhredGot1, it is the odd ball on the tape as the sound feels foreign to everything else. Here PhredGot1 flirts with a Kwaito tune, the chords at the beginning somewhat resemble reggae but the drums bring something else altogether which leaves the ear slightly perplexed. The track sounds like an experimental approach to an uncharted sound.

Nonbeliever see’s Phredgot1 rap from a place of deep introspection “I only spit the truth, you can kill me for my honesty, that’s real talk,  all these niggas sound like comedy”. He shows his lingual dexterity with a bar in Oshiwambo then in Nyemba and ends his first verse with a French punchline. Produced by Motion and PhredGot1, the influence of Hilifa-94 is evident in the monologue in the middle of the song which kind of feels out of place as the speaker talks about the law of familiarity in a relationship context.

Track 7 is the original “The new guy” track, making the one on “The Warm Welcome” a remix. The song sounds as good as the other; in fact it’s really an individual preference as to which version is better. The track is produced by Mamba’s Mansion and PhredGot1.

The only Hip Hop feature on the tape is by Handel Mahela on track 8 titled ‘Grace’. Phred starts off talking ‘bout how his position is made possible by grace and that there is nothing to fear. Handel Mahela pulls up and takes no prisoners. The man has a lot to say and boy does he say it.  Interesting is the flow switch ups he does in his verse. Handel should definitely rap more no doubt, and he is now on Tha big homie‘s radar. Motion kills that beat as usual, a definite must listen.

The project leaves the impression of a potentially successful PhredGot1 as far as Hip Hop careers goes. He comes off more as an artist of musical prospect than just a bar for bar rapper. These projects are obviously a learning curve on route to a debut album. He will need to sharpen his pen as the industry has sharks. This is an artist on the rise such that if all the elements come together the sky is the limit. We wait with baited breath to see how he will fare in 2018.

The tape is available for free listens HERE

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