The Drop 🔌 : Universal master Builders presents ‘Sonic Pyramid” Boom Bap Edition Vol.1

by: Blink


BTT Album Art Front

The beat is the key ingredient to a good song; Instrumentals have influence over what direction the artist takes a specific song. A good beat sometimes doesn’t even need vocals to trigger emotion; sometimes the beat carries a voice of its own, and that is the outcome of this incredible beat album.

Mastered by South African Audio Engineer & producer Kay Faith who is also featured on the project just two weeks fresh off dropping her latest project (In Good Faith), the album is a rare sonic phenomenon that takes you on a global listening experience. With sounds stretching as far as Mexico, Poland, USA, France, Australia, Nigeria all the way back home to Namibia, this stand out project is captivating to both the average hip hop head and mature ears that want to dissect the beat and appreciate the cadence of each producer. The album is executive produced by Namibian Hip Hop royalty Brain the Tool The beats were mixed by the 17 producers from 13 countries spread across 5 continents.

BTT Album Art Back copy

Get “The Sonic Pyramid” tomorrow through UNIVERSAL MASTER BUILDERS


The project will be available on digital platforms only.


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