Catching up with Hilifa94

As you all know our featured artist this week was the talented Hilifa94, we dedicated the week to celebrate his craft and the magic he has blessed us with. We caught up with him to see what else he has in store for us.

Happy read!


We recently saw you at the Cypher and we should admit you were on fire. How was that for you?

The cypher was really awesome. It was great seeing my fellow rappers who came out to do their thing. And the crowd was just amazing, very engaged and encouraging. Shout out to Jonaas and Harry for putting together a wonderful event.

Why did you think cyphers are important for the hip hop community?

Cyphers are important because they keep the culture alive. And in this era where mainstream/radio Hip Hop is dominant, it’s always good when artists can find a live platform to just rap and show real skills on the mic.

That collaboration with Lioness was tight – plan on working with her anytime soon?

Most definitely. Lioness is the top female emcee right now and I respect the artist in her. We will definitely work more.

Who would you like to collaborate with right now? Anyone…

Currently I want to do a collabo with Sam E Lee Jones. I believe we can create something different.

Congratulations on the Feeling Le Vibe/Colour de mayo video – what was the inspiration on that?

It was inspired by what goes on in my mind whenever I close my mind after a long day… Everything you see in the video, the random clips. I personally chose those clips because they explain my dreams, fears, ambitions, inspirations and aspirations. I chose the venue because I wanted to find a place that was authentic and that could compliment the clips. Also the song and the video are two different ideas. People ask me why the video has nothing to do with the lyrics. It was never meant to. The video is supposed to just vibe with the song but the song has a whole different background. As for Colour de Mayo, I cannot really say much.

How do you prep before shooting a video like that?

I didn’t really prepare much. I just got the camera crew, the co-director and chose two suitable venues and performed the song with my brother Handel Mahela. We did about 5 shots for each scene plus cutaways just to have a variety of shots to choose from. Another shout out to my other PhredGot1 for the cameo.

How important is your craft to you?

Very important. My craft is the one way in which I will change the world. Einstein did it with science, Picasso did it with paintings, Mandela did it with activism, and I’m doing it with music. It’s my purpose in life to serve my industry the best way I can, so future Namibian artists can have the benefits we never had.

The NAMAs – plan on entering next year?

I won’t be entering for the awards. I won’t be releasing any solo projects. BUT we’ve got two projects dropping from the XCIV Camp.

What more can we expect from Hilifa94 this year?

Expect more music from Hilifa94. We’ve been in the lab experimenting and trying out new things and they’re A1 approved, so expect nothing but heat. Also expect a couple of more events and shows from XCIV, we will also be launching merchandise soon.

Any lucky lady in your life?

I’m happily single

Quick fun Qs with Hilifa94

2pac or Biggie –


SoundCloud or YouTube –


Grill or Tattoos –


Black Vulcanite or Wu Tang –

Black Vulcanite

Cassper or AKA –


Listen to Hilifa94’s tracks here:

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