Nominated in 3 NAMA(2017) categories, including Best Rap/Hip Hop, NIA is truly one of the industry’s top lyricists at the moment.

“Changes” has been making waves since NIA and Monique performed it at last year’s Namibian Music Awards. Not only does it have a beautiful message, the music video is just as touching and fitting.

Find out a little more about NIA in this short interview:


So who is N.I.A?

N.I.A is a very humble dude who has been through a lot in life but always kept chasing his dreams. I was born in Windhoek Namibia then relocated to the states at a very young age.I grew up in the DMV. I am mixed Herero, German and coloured.

When did it all start?

I’ve always loved music, I use to listen to all the old school albums my mom had. But my love for hip hop started when I was introduced to Tupac’s music.

When did you decide that this was what you wanted to do?

I use to rap at talent shows and for fun with my home boys. I decide to take it seriously and actually record once I got back to Namibia in 2011. I couldn’t do it in the states ’cause I was working all the time and I guess the passion kinda faded.

What would you want people to get from your music?

I want people to feel inspired when they hear my music. I want people to get motivated when it seems that all is lost. I want my music to encourage people to stand for what they believe in and spread love to one another.

What do you feel about the music industry in Namibia?

I feel that the industry is definitely growing but I think it’s marred by blind loyalty. I think many people refuse to support good music just because they remain loyal to certain artists.

What do you appreciate and what would you take away?

I appreciate the passion people show towards music. I appreciate the way folks appreciate the messages I relay in my songs. I have gotten nothing but love from people since day one. I will take away the blind loyalty and the favouritism.

Talk to us about albums…

I have released 4 albums to date, 1st album was ROAD TO HISTORY. 2nd THE BOOK OF N.I. I., 3rd HUSTLERS PRAYER…4th CHANGE. The albums deal with personal issues that most can relate to as well as a lot of social issues.


Singles out at the moment?

At the moment the first 2 singles are CHANGE FT MONIQUE ENGLISH  and WE UP FT KK. Next single, BROKEN WINGS will drop in March and it features Monique English.

Who like in ever would you like to work with? 

I would work with: Chikune, Timmy Dakolo (Nigeria) and Sade.

What are you listening to right now?

I am currently listening to a lot of gospel, it’s just the space I finding myself in.

What should we look forward to

This year I plan on dropping 10 videos and new material. I will also be setting up some Hip Hop shows to provide a platform for up and coming artists.

WATCH NIA’s single featuring Monique English “Change”:


Listen to “We UP” ft KK: 




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