Hip Hop & RnB Top Ten with Nashawn

The best way to know what tracks are banging right now is by listening to chart shows. For Hip Hop and RnB in Namibia we have Radio Energy’s Hip Hop & RnB Top Ten with Nashawn.

Catch it every Monday at 20:00.

Here are this week’s top ten tracks, brought to you by Radio Energy and Nashawn:

10. Greg: Laaitie From Da Kona:  https://soundcloud.com/gregothitz/laaitie-from-da-kona

9. Young Flow: Tamagotchi [Ft. Various Artists]

8. Lil Dogg Official : So Damn High [Ft. @Marven Southgate]


7. Ray x KBrizzy: Rumour Has It


6. Valentino Elago: Savage

5. Bella Harris: KillSwitch [Remix – Ft. Various Artists]


BUBBLING UNDER: Riku: Down Low [Ft. Double Trouble & Hilifa94]



4. Adora: Stop Messing With My Hustle [Ft. KK]
3. KK: Mami

2. Lioness: Step Out

1. Hilifa94: Buddha



Remember to vote, here’s how:

Text keywords “Hip Hop” followed by Artist Name and Song Title to 100 from 21:00 Monday nights to midnight on Sundays.





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