Slammer releases brand new single “Now and Then (Bad Chick)


Slammer is back hot and heavy with a new single titled Now and Then (Bad Chick) produced by MZ.

The song has an amazing video that compliments the rappers evident adoption of the trap style kind of rap.

Jeffrey Haoseb, better known as Slammer describes his video as simply about keeping your eyes on the price and focus on a hundred, regardless of all the distractions and obstacles that one may face in life. The video was set the parliament gardens with visuals done by Riz Zimmerman and scripted by the rapper himself.

This is a must listen to song whether you love trap music or nah. Slammer is definitely one to watch in 2017 as he treads in the music industry with his always catchy lyrics and easy flow.

Go ahead and get the song now:


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