Obama trumped by Donald in who personifies rap.


To trump: To beat someone or something, by doing better than them.

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My friend, Lavoisier, is a wise, opinionated and honest individual, so it is no surprise that he established ‘Grow the heck up’ ( http://growtheheckup.com ). It is the world-star Hip-hop site for thinkers. I agree. Anyway, he often does live broadcasts online and I tend to watch the ones he does on Facebook.


One day I was watching an episode about Donald Trump where he said something like ‘Donald is the most hip-hop like president ever… even more than Obama.’ Before I go into why I agree with him, let us explore why Obama could be the most rapper like President ever:

  • Firstly, and most obvious, he is black. Isn’t Hip-hop about defying the odds? So being the first Black President was a serious feat in defying odds.
  • Rappers referred to him fondly more frequently than any other living US President. Who can forget the lines “my President is black, my Lambo’s blue…”
  • No President has had more rappers as guests. From freestyling Lin-Manuel to more familiar moguls like Jay-Z. Not to mention K Dot’s “How much does a dollar cost” was his favorite Hip-hop track. And who can forget the First Lady of the White House dropping bars?
  • Which President around the world have you ever seen greeting people with pounds, daps, fives… I wouldn’t be surprised if there is footage of him doing an elaborate black-hand-side handshake.
  • Remember when he dropped the MIC?

I mean how much more hip-hop can a President get? I am sure there are more examples of Barack keeping it real. Even though the following are not the main reasons why Donald is more of a rapper, but let’s peep them anyway.

‘Donald is the most hip-hop like president ever… even more than Obama.’

Beating the odds:

Like really!? To be honest, I thought we were about to witness the first Female President of the US right up until the points started saying otherwise. I know most of you did too.

No reference in pop rap songs:

It will snow in Windhoek before we hear the lines “My president is orange, my…”. However, even in our local hip-hop scene, we only speak fondly of those we like, and ill of those we despise and simply ignore those that fall in-between. Donald does that too.

Now for the real reasons Donald Trump acts more like a rapper than Barack ever could. One word, 5 syllables:


From the paragraph above, points 3 to 5 refer to mannerisms that Obama portrayed, but let’s peep some of Donald’s.

Me against the world:

If Donald had the word ‘haters’ in his vocab, he would have used it very ‘bigly’ (couldn’t help myself). Not only in word but his actions basically say “it’s all America baby… forget the rest of y’all.” All you have to do is listen to rappers talk about their crews. It is always about building up our own, no other crew is worth the consideration and so on.

In short Trump does not seem to have a global view the same way rappers mostly don’t have an industrial view.

He’s down with OPP:

When rappers talk about women that are not their mother, sister, daughter, wifie or wife, then you can bet 90% is sexual or in some other derogatory manner laced together with misogyny.

I can hear it now. The Naughty by Nature Trump remix… “I’m grabbing O.P.P.; YEAH YOU KNOW ME!” (‘OPP’ is by Naughty by Nature if you have to look it up… I figured it’s meaning as a kid so it won’t be mental gymnastics).
We don’t have to go back the Naughty 90’s to relate. We all get to hear the words ho, skank, bitch, tramp, skeeze, and let’s not list the ones that refer to anatomy on a regular basis.

Ain’t nobody floss like I can:

He is not shy about flossing what he has. If you have to wonder what this has to do with rap stop reading this and go turn on Trace, MTV Base or Chanel O. ‘nough said!

My chick the baddest:

Take a second to picture any rapper’s girl, wife or wifie. Now picture Michelle. Now imagine another rapper’s woman, now picture the current first lady. See what am getting at? Mrs Obama is stylish yet modest. As for the rappers (female MCs), wives of rappers (current or ex) and the current First Lady of the White House… well… google’s your friend, you will find the work ‘alluring’ as the most befitting.

Biting lyrics & writing controversy:

Can we forget the Michelle Melania speech? Well, Donald said he’d write his own inauguration speech, but it had lines from an old animated movie called, ‘The bee movie’ from 2007. Shout out to the rappers that can relate like Drake, Jay Z or anyone who had either battles or law issues for not using their own lyrics J

Now that I’m over my word limit, what’s my point? If we had a rapper looking to occupy our State House would we be worried? Yes, most likely. Well same with Trump.

And who has more influence in our country (where over 50% the population is under 35 years old), is it our entertainers or our government?

Finally, am I going overboard in wishing for more rappers with presidential qualities?

I will end with this, can we break the stereotype rappers have by being Obama-like in terms of principles, conduct and ‘swag’?

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