Meet our new content curator

Meet Linda Nathanael, our new content curator. She’ll be handling the NOTED content from now on.

We asked her to give us a welcoming note, this is what she has to say:



Let me take this moment to acknowledge and show appreciation for the fallen heroes of hip hop in the Namibian music industry.

No doubt, the sudden loss of music producer/artist Eclipse and RnB singer/song writer Roger in 2009, left the industry on a standstill and has seen a decline in good hip hop and RnB music since. Furthermore, the rise and fall of the 061 Crew that was founded in 2010 by Lucci Thanks For The Beat and the late Catty Cat was short lived since the sudden departure of the main crew member Catty Cat.

These pioneers of music have left a big void on the hip hop scene that is yet to be filled.

Yet, in spite of all the loss our small industry has experienced, there is new blood in the industry and there is old blood coming back with a twist.  We have the likes of Black Vulcanite doing big things and representing the motherland.

Thus, I am so excited for the new wave of hip hop in Namibia.  Join me, as NOTED takes you on a journey to discover new sound and talent.



Linda N @Linda_Nathanael


Author: monochromemag

Namibia's new Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine.

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