Lioness drops new EP

Namibia’s favourite female rapper just dropped a hot new 6 tracked EP titled ILL4 – The Sequel.

We caught up with LIONESS to find out what the inspiration behind the music really is.

Happy Read!


Talk to us about the fire EP you just dropped?

This Ep is a continuation of my last EP which was titled ILL3. It came about because I wanted to extend my music and exercise my musical ability. The concept really is just stated in the title and it also means continuation of my career an artist.

Who was involved? Shout outs?

I would love to send shout outs to  Ginajeanz, Kanibal,  Shariff, Beatslanger, Static Playa and Kid nova for the production and Kp Illest, Skrypt and Hilifa94 for the contribution to the songs.

Talk to us about artwork.



Do you have a favourite?


My favourite is “step out” because I had to project my voice in one of the parts (wouldn’t call it singing) and the process was fun because my off key notes were hilarious but I managed to get it right. But the song that is dear to me is daddy issues, which is personal.

When do we see you perform these tracks?

I am planning a show of my own, the dates will be released later.

Any music videos coming out soon?

I am busy sketching up music video concepts so hopefully late December or  early January.


Listen to ILL4- The Sequel here:




How would you describe your style?

My style is very edgy and at the same time lady like. I hate dressing like the typical rapper and people are quite surprised when they see me out. I usually get “I didn’t expect you to look like… that”




How different is your stage style from your regular style?

My stage style follows trends I should say, my regular style is really casual but to be honest there isn’t much difference. Most of the time I am dressed by Ingo shanyange when I perform.

*Jacket by Ingo Shanyenge


Style icon that you look up to?

Fashion wise I would have to say  Rihanna  4 years ago, right now would be my sister Ginajeanz. Hahaha

Whose celebrity wardrobe would you raid?

I would definitely raid any Kardashian’s wardrobe.

What’s your favourite clothing item in the closet right now?

My favourite item should be my summer dresses.

Who would you pick to be the leading man in your video? If you could pick anyone.

Liam Hemsworth

You are doing a remix of a song off the EP, which song and who would you like to jump on it? If you could pick anyone.

Remix for Step Out, definitely Rouge, Fifi Cooper, Nasty c and Skrypt

Keep up with Lioness on social media:



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