Ever since Jaleel

Before we even get anywhere, we need to tell you Jaleel is here to stay. The 20 year old will be dropping his studio album before the year ends and we can’t wait. With his refreshing sound, style sense and understanding of branding Jaleel is definitely one we should pay attention to.

We find out a little more about him in this short interview.


So who is Jaleel?

My full name by birth is Ian Jaleel Brendell (Age 20), better known by my stage name Jaleel. The definition of my stage name is simply to be GREAT. I was born and raised in Windhoek the capital city of Namibia. I’ve been making music for more than a decade now specifically focusing on bringing great R&B with an Urban twist to Africa. I am currently signed to the record label Ogopa Butterfly, where I am working on my first studio album. The album will be released later in 2016. My first single ‘Deuces’ was Nominated for the ‘Best Non-Album Single’ at this years 2016 Namibian Annual music Awards, where I also performed along side LMPC. My second single‘Hood Party’ was released not long after.

When did it all start?

I started making music when I was 9 years of age (2005) and I left the underground music scene when I released my first official single ‘Deuces’ in February 2016. From the very first time I heard music,I felt a very strong connection to it, but the thought of making my own had not sunk in at that time. In 2005 when I turned 9 years of age, Chris Brown released his first Album and that album helped me discover my singing and song writing abilities.

When did you decide that this was what you wanted to do?

I’ve always wanted to make music and build a career on it, but i did not know where and how to start. The moment that started it all for me, and gave me the confirmation was when Ogopa Butterfly approached me in (2014) to sign with them. At that moment I knew that I really wanted to pursue music to the core. 


What would you want people to get from your music?

I want people to get to know me through my music. When I write and produce music, I make sure that the sound side of things will always lift someone’s spirit and at the same time write songs that anyone can relate to.

What do you feel about the music industry in Namibia?

The Namibian Music Industry is great. It’s rapidly growing and is surely working its way up to bigger and better things.

What do you appreciate and what would you take away?

I appreciate the platforms that the Namibian Music Industry creates for artist, such as the NAMA’s just to mention one.
I would not take anything away, because every stepping stone comes with a lesson and through this the Namibian Music Industry becomes better each day.



Talk to us about albums?

My debut album “Ever Sins Eve” will be released towards the end of this year (2016), with an unfixed released date due to my perfectionist habit.


Talk to us about “Block Block”?

“Block Block” being the first single off my album “Ever Sins Eve” was written and produced by myself. The song has made a big impact on not only the Namibian music industry itself but also the Namibian youth, being the catchy tune of not only my past time indulgence, but also to many others that can relate to spending their youthful years playing “Block Block” (Hide & Seek).
The concept behind the video is me (Jaleel) playing hide & seek with two ladies in a house, where I hide and they seek, disappearing every time as shown in the video. The plot twist is that I sneak away from the house and end up with a different lady, leaving the two ladies back at the house seeking but not finding me.

What can we look forward to?

Definitely be expecting my Album (Ever Sins Eve).

Quick Fun Qs

Who like in ever would you like to work with? at least top 3? In Namibia and Internationally

First and foremost, I would definitely like to work with Chris Brown, Drake & Donald.

What are you listening to right now?

I’ve been going back in time a little, listening to mostly SWV, Joe, 112, B2K, Donell Jones, Marques Houston & Bobby Valentino.

Who would you cast as the lead girl in your next music video, if you could pick anyone in the world? Anyone!

Definitely Nangula Nanyemba

They both ask you to feature on a song, you can only pick one, who do you pick?

Rihanna or Nicki Minaj


Whose wardrobe would you raid?

Kanye West or Chris Brown

Chris Brown

You definitely need to check out what Jaleel has put out so far:

LINKS:   Soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/jaleel_official
                Hood Partyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcYlokGPuOk

He recently dropped a new video titled Wella featuring LMPC, check it out too:



Don’t forget to keep up with  Jaleel on Twitter 




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