Featured Artist of the Week: RIIKU

Our featured artist of this week is a 23 year old Hip Hop artist from Windhoek who goes by the name Riiku. 

Find out what he’s all about in this short interview. 


So who is Riiku?

Riiku is a Namibian HipHop/rap Artist , song writer, producer, singer and Finance Management student. I am God’s gift and a down to earth person, chilled, self driven, a very much awakened soul.

When did it all start?

The hiphop movement started in primary school on a school trip to South Africa.

When did you decide that this was what you wanted to do?

In high school when I was a part of a group called YoungPlayerz, there was always motivation and positive energy during that period of time in my life, that’s like 2009.

So what genre does your music fall under?

I consider myself as an artist with no limitations, although I’m focused on HipHop/ Rap


What would you want people to get from your music?

Truth, love, inspiration, faith, knowledge and wisdom, but in all honesty, whatever they choose to.

What do you feel about the music industry in Namibia?

Its a growing industry that needs a lot of work, this is the time of shaping it and I’m happy to be apart of it right now. Everything is the way its suppose to be right? A good friend of mine tells me “let the music speak, don’t worry we got this”. So I’m good.

What do you appreciate and what would you take away?

I appreciate the work of the artists, we are coming together more now than ever before, so I feel some sort of dark energy out here, I’m yet to figure out what’s more to it, but I hope it goes away. Let’s just all be real with one another and work. It’s not just the Namibian industry we are working for, we have an entire Africa, with its past present and future.

Who do you look up to as an artist?


Whose craft do you admire most among Namibian artists?

I cant single out anyone…

Talk to us about albums. Have you released any? When should we expect one?

I do not have any studio albums out yet, end of september I should be dropping my first official E.P and project… I’m hoping it gives me a good break through. It will consist of 10 tracks, I’ve released 3 singles so far, Me & My Thoughts ft CB, which also has a video, One Day ft Leo and Down Low ft Double Trouble and Hilifa 94… All were recieved well. The album is titled #NowIsForever and will be featuring the following artists:

Double Touble



Hilifa 94

Gurd Grill

Waylon B



Who like in ever would you like to work with?

This list changes, but right now..

.Jblack, Pharrel Wlliams, AliThatDude,  Talib Kweli, Anna Shalihu Sade

What are you listening to right now?

Busy mixing and mastering some songs from #NowIsForever so, I’m listenning to Riiku,, everyone should..

What should we look forward to?

Look forward to the E.P it will be the best ever released, two more videos coming and some more performances and features.



Go on and check RIIKU out here:







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