Have you heard Lioness’ “Back to Basics”?

What better way to kick off NOTED than with a feature on a gorgeous, talented and fierce female Hip Hop personality.

Lioness is a 22 year old hip hop artist who has been in the industry for about 7 years and has worked with both mainstream and underground rappers. Currently pursuing a career in Medicine, Lioness can only pursue music as a pass time for now.

Music is my first love but due to the reality we live in, I can only pursue it as a pass time for now…

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Lioness recently released a hot new single titled “Back to Basics” and we are here to rave about it.

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Talk to us about Back to Basics…

My single, “Back To Basics” is basically a song addressing how the new school kids of the Rap & Hip-Hop industry in Namibia is still just as relevant as the old school heads and about how we can use our skill to integrate and blend our own unique and new style in with the old school.  This song also entails that even though we’re fairly new to the industry, we should by no means be underestimated. Cos whoever does that might end up being totally surprised at what we’re capable of.  The single features KP Kapapsi Illest as well as Hitji or better known as “Skrypt” and solely produced by my very talented older sister, Gina, she goes by the name of, “GinaJeanz“.



KP Illest is a NAMA award winner and nominee and a very dear friend of mine of about 18 years (We’ve known each other since childhood having attended primary school together).  He is versatile, amazingly artistic, ambitious and easily the most talented, consistent and hardworking artist I know.

Skrypt and I met at the New School Cypher, it was a Cypher we did for NamTV back in 2014 (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAFnokpkPB4) and we clicked instantly.  Skrypt has since then become a dear friend of mine and he is arguably also one of the best rappers in Namibia.  He is very eccentric and always brings a refreshing sound, style, rhythm and of course as you will have heard in this song, he brings some mad HEAT on the mic.

The video…

The video is actually the opposite of what Enzo (the director and friend of mine) and I thought of. We were planning green screens and so forth but ended up in town square parking. I will admit that we thought up the concepts together as we shot each scene and that was purely freestyle. We didn’t have a specific concept we just got together combined our artistic minds and shot the video.

So what can we look forward to next?…

What the viewers, listeners and fans can look forward to, is an upcoming project I have coming up soon, an EP entitled, “ill4: the sequel” which is a continuation of my previous EP entitled “ill3″, which I dropped last year and is available on my Soundcloud. I’m working close and hard with my manager Paul and we’re planning new videos, as well as offering the fans a chance to actually be a part of my journey as an artist and know more about my personal life both past present and going forward into the future.

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FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lionessnam/


lioness 3 s

Listen to Back to Basics NOW!

TITLE: Back To Basics
RELEASED: 10 June 2016

SOUNDCLOUD LINKhttps://m.soundcloud.com/lioness-nam-mistress/back-to-basics



[Intro – Lioness]
[Verse 1: Lioness]
Pow pow, wah
More bodies sent to the morgue
More names listed in the arbitrary row
Got Skrypt on the verse
Rappers who sin will get 1st degree burns through out all of their clothes
That’s fire we bring, arson
Pure oak wood for your casket
Better than us – that’s nonsense
Focused on focusing more
So Mandem won’t claim that I’ve lost it
Now back to the king
Back to the women who pushing these niggas to rather go sing
Back to the back to the hits; Domestic abuse
Go on and hide all the kids
Lean ‘gainst the walls when I spit
Can’t stand my cup
Eventual impotence I bring
Bar for the bar
I pen up, tension on life when I start
Spit ‘tween my hands den I rub
[Chorus: KP Illest]
Time is money my money shouldn’t be wasted
Two shots in that double cup we don’t chase it
It’s basic you get it we make it
This shit is nothing, it’s back to the basics
[Verse 2: Skrypt]
Lying if you think that Skrypt alright
Skrypt is that nigga that bitches like
It’s hard to believe the bitch a dyke
I’m super not mega but Skryptonite
Impeccable time on the wrist and mic
But listeners don’t even listen right
I’m pressing the bar at a different height
The way that I’m “wrapping” this gift is tight
Your career is that bitch you can kiss goodnight
All right nigga, no bark all bite nigga
Mozart with the pen game, rap sensei on sight nigga
Rich nigga on the inside that’s a bit bigger
Big triggers one shot I’mma bench press nigga
Raise the bars but you ain’t raising ours
Outta this world mama raised a star
Pass the aux you know Gina Jeanz
Yeah the beat is clean we gone shake the car
Making hits so we get that dough my greed is green I’mma take it far
Tryna compete you ain’t running with me I’m 103 can’t race a Boss
My team lit no weak shit find a weak link and we break it OFF

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